Hi. My name is Ann MacMullan. I am a freelance floral designer and gardener with my certificate of Merit in Floral Design from Longwood Gardens. I create custom floral designs for the home and for special events, including weddings, using eco-friendly materials and methods when possible. Check out my Floral Portfolio to see more of my designs. I can create everything from centerpieces to bouquets and floral head wreaths!

headcrownI studied ornamental horticulture and worked as a TV Garden Producer for Martha Stewart for a decade or so; then I continued my journey in TV production, producing various shows including Animal Planet’s Dogs 101. Now I’m back in the world of horticulture and floral design. I worked at Falls Flowers in Philadelphia, was the main floral designer at Merion Golf Club where I created designs for the US Open and other events, and I’m now doing floral design at Egan Rittenhouse through the Rittenhouse Hotel.  (We just won Best of Philly’s Best Boutique for 2016!) I also operate as an freelance designer.

Working with plants fulfills me in a balanced way: by using my head, heart and hands. And taking pictures is a natural extension of my storytelling habit, giving me a chance –To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower…

All photos in this blog — unless otherwise noted — are mine. Please don’t use them without permission.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a total inspiration. I LOVE this. You are doing incredible, beautiful, important things. I wish I could marry you. You could do our flower arrangements at our wedding. Don’t tell B.
    LOVE you and MISS you.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom” and liking my post ” … and this is Bear …” … Good luck with your floral studies. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

    • Cameron, things worked out GREAT with my garden this year, and I’ve just moved to a new location where I will be needing soil amendment. I’ll definitely use the same stuff again!

  3. Your work is beautiful! I live in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, Pa. Where can I find curly willow to use in my work? I don’t want to have to purchase it. Any ideas, please et me know. Thanks,
    Jane M.

    • Thanks Jane. I don’t know anyone growing curly willow that would allow you to cut from it. I would love to find a source too- maybe it’s time to plant some? Good luck!

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