Mother’s Day, Here We Come

Well I’m so excited…thanks to all of your kind donations, I was able to order some lovely materials, and Peicha of falls flowers helped me procure them.  As you know, I’m creating 50 Mother’s Day designs for the ladies over at Holy Family Home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Philadelphia.  The nuns didn’t have enough money in the kitty for flowers this year, so we raised it ourselves, and you guys came through bigtime.  I can’t wait to get started!

Peicha and her lovely daughter Naima get the positive vibes going!

Peicha and her lovely daughter Naima get the positive Mother’s Day vibes going!

It was great to be back at falls flowers today, picking up our materials for this weekend.  I got: lilies, larkspur, ranunculus, stock, waxflower, rose, and artemisia, to name a few.

Mother's Day Flowers after processing - condition for a day

Mother’s Day Flowers after processing – conditioning for a day on my enclosed porch

I processed them (re-cut the stems, took off any leaves below the water line) and stored them on my enclosed porch.  I’ll make the designs over the next few days, hopefully with some help from my dog Larry.

King Larry presides over the floral realm

King Larry presides over the floral realm

Did I tell you, we raised at total of $988!!  Here’s our most updated Hero List of awesome donors (last names omitted for privacy): Motria L., Aaron B., Elizabeth C., Shannon O., Jen S., Amy K., Walter B., Emily M., Carolyn D., Josh L., Lise N., Mandy G., Mary F., Emily M., Vincent T., Jason H., Joseph K., Michael B., Joseph K., Amy K. (2nd time!), and Rebecca M., Penny B., Julie S., Dan B., Eunice F, Elvira G., and Sandy F.  Thank you everyone.  You’re the best.

Ranunculus Smiles

I’ll leave you with some ranunculus smiles xoxoxoxo


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