Mother’s Day Will Rock This Year!

I am speechless. Stunned.  What an outpouring of support for our little idea!  This Mother’s Day, the 50 residents at Holy Family Home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Philadelphia are going to be receiving some gorgeous designs, thanks to all 24 of you who found it in your hearts to donate.  We received donations from $10 up to $200, and each one counts!  Our total amount raised is $938.  Can you believe it???


Our Donation Hero List (last names omitted for privacy): Motria L., Aaron B., Elizabeth C., Shannon O., Jen S., Amy K., Walter B., Emily M., Carolyn D., Josh L., Lise N., Mandy G., Mary F., Emily M., Vincent T., Jason H., Joseph K., Michael B., Joseph K., Amy K. (2nd time!), and Rebecca M., Penny B., Julie S., Dan B., and Eunice F. 

'Do Tell' Peony

I can’t wait to get started ordering materials (extravagant wonderful things) and planning the designs with our ladies over at falls flowers!  If there are those out there who still want to be a part of our project, feel free to click this link:  DONATE.  You will receive a Paypal receipt that can be used as a tax deductible donation to charity. However, we do have enough to make some lovely things!  I am so touched by the generosity of others.  Stay tuned for the next update, and thank you again.


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